Wishing You and Yours A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

On behalf of the staff and management of the AN Multimedia, Africans Help Desk, Abrokyire Nsem Radio and TV, and the Diaspora Dialogue, we wish you and yours a happy, blessed and Safe Thanksgiving.

Remember that Covid 19 is still with us, as we are experiencing a second wave. Practise all safety protocols, as recommended by the Department of Health and medical experts in your specific communities.

Be thankful for the gift of life and resolve to take advantage of opportunities around you.

At AN Multimedia, we are grateful for the opportunity to be of service to our community, in our own small way, by providing information and resources. We assure you of our continued dedication and commitment to providing you with the information as well as the resources to help you, your family and community.

We are also grateful for you taking the time to visit our site, sharing it with your friends, family and networks.

Once again, happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones, and for all those that we lost due to the pandemic, we pray for eternal peace for their souls. Stay safe and Enjoy your Thanksgiving.