The Legal Aid Society - Offering Free Legal Services

Most immigrants have probably never heard of the Legal Aid Society, until and unless they go to court, whether civil or criminal. Yet, this Institute is bigger than just offering civil and criminal legal assistance.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and Attorney-In-Chief Janet Sabel, "At The Legal Aid Society collaborations with our communities fuel the work we do in each and every courtroom in New York City, and inform our policy and law reform efforts to benefit all New Yorkers".

This means the work they do and services they offer, is driven by the community's needs.

But in addition to legal representation and effecting policy changes, the Legal Aid Society also advocates for Financial rights, investing and engaging in immigrant communities, preventing homelessness and saving people from getting evicted, as well as worker rights. Our immigrant communities need to take advantage of this great institution. After all, if you can get it for free, why pay for it?

These are just some of what The Legal Aid Society offer.

Visit their website at for more information or call (212) 577-3300.

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