The Grace Imo Show Talks Taxes and Immigration

Every Sunday, the Africans Help Desk and AN Multimedia presents The Grace Imo Talk Show, with host Grace Imo, to provide the latest information and resources beneficial to our community.

We also bring experts who present on the topics of the day.

For this Sunday, April 4, 2021, Grace Imo would talk with Lawyer Arthur Wemegah, about immigration. Most people think that getting married is the easiest way to get a "green card", but a small mistake could jeopardize one's application. Our expert, Lawyer Wemegah, would tell us some of the dos and don'ts regarding marriage green card.

Sam Ansah is the owner of Qualycare Accounting Services who specializes in accounting services for small businesses and taxes. He would be joining the show as well to talk about taxes, as there are so many questions that people are asking, especially in light of the pandemic and unemployment.

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