Still Have Not Received Your Stimulus Check Yet? Here is what you need to do

Nine million Americans who have not filed an income tax return in the last two years will be getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service soon. It tells them they may still be eligible for the COVID-19 stimulus check most Americans received earlier this year. The IRS also wants people to know that it is not a scam if they get this letter.

The IRS says the letter will urge these people to register at by Oct. 15 for the payment. Americans who made $75,000 or less can receive up to $1,200. Couples who made $150,000 or less can receive $2,400. Each American with a dependent under the age of 17 can get an additional $500.

For people who receive this letter and are concerned about fraud, the IRS says it will be mailed out starting Sept. 24 and delivered from an IRS address. It is called an IRS Notice 1444-A and is written in both English and Spanish. It will have information on who is eligible and how to claim the stimulus payment through The agency has posted a copy of the letter on so recipients can compare them.

Anyone who misses the Oct. 15 deadline will have to wait until the tax filing period in 2021 to request it.

The IRS says anyone required to file a return in 2018 or 2019 and hasn't should do that to get their payment and not use the non-filers tool. That tool is mainly for individuals who make less than $12,200 per year.

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