Rent Assistance - One Shot Deal

As a follow up to our earlier posting about rent relief, especially for New Yorkers, we would like to highlight one of the programs that the community can benefit from. It is one of the best programs to help New Yorkers who have fallen on hard times, pay their back rent and utilities.

Emergency Cash Assistance or the One Shot Deal, as most people call it, is provided for people in these circumstances, generally, but often reviewed on a case by case basis. Even if you are not in this category, you may still apply to have your case reviewed.

  1. Homeless or owe back rent

  2. Facing eviction or dispossess

  3. Utility being shut off

  4. Fire Disaster

  5. Domestic Violence

  6. Health and Safety of Individuals in the household.

In order to qualify for this program, you must prove that you will have the means to pay the rent in the future. That means you have to join a work program, usually recommended by the agency.

In some cases, the money has to be paid back. Usually, the agency determines whether one has to pay back or not.

To apply, you may call HRA at (718) 557-1399 or visit their website at or just call 311.

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