NY City Comptroller has $2.5 Million in unclaimed money. Is your name there?

The New York City Comptroller Mr. Scott Stringer announced that his office has about $2.5 Million in unclaimed wages for workers who may have been shortchanged when they should have been paid more.

The monies recovered, part of an on going Economic Justice program from the Comptroller's office, is asking members of the community to visit his website and check to see if they or someone they know, has unclaimed wages.

According to Will Giron who is leading this effort, it doesn't matter whether one is documented or not, if they have moved out of the state or out of the country, if it is proven that the money belongs to them, they will get it.

Click on this link http://BronxNet.org/watch/videos/10125 to get more information and see the report on these unclaimed monies.