Make The Road New York - Advocates for Immigrants

The name May throw people off - Make The Road New York, but it is one of the largest and strongest advocacy organization for immigrants in New York City. services for immigrants.

Founded on the principle of ensuring justice and equal protections for immigrants, its name originates from a line in a poem by Antonio Machado, one of the most celebrated Spanish poets of the 20th Century, in which he writes, "Searcher, there is no road. We make the road by walking".

This Immigrant Rights advocacy organization has become one of the most innovative groups for immigrants in New York City. Their main center is in Brooklyn, but have satellite centers in Queens and Staten Island, but serve immigrants throughout the city. They have also partnered with other organizations throughout the country to provide

Some of the services they provide include Immigration, Adult Literacy, Civic Engagement, Community Organizing, and legal counsel among others. They also provide services for Workplace Justice, for workers who feel cheated by their employers.

To connect with Make The Road New York, you may call (718) 418-7690. You can visit their website at for more information about this great organization which is making its own road to justice when and where there is no road.

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