The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced last Tuesday tat they made more than 2,000 arrests during a six week nationwide operation in July and August. According to ICE, the arrests targeted those with criminal convictions, but we all know, that innocent people often get caught in the dragnet.

According to ICE, about 85 percent of those arrested had criminal convictions, but that means there were 15 percent who had no criminal records, and yet were arrested.

When ICE was questioned by some reporters how the arrest of those without convictions conformed with the raids, Mr. Henry Lucero, Executive Director of ICE in charge of arrests, detentions and deportations, said "We never said we were going to stop arresting individuals. We said we would prioritize and focus on those that are public safety threats".

Africans Help Desk is therefore advising all fellow immigrants, who are undocumented to make sure they have a lawyer's name and contact information at all times, in case they ever get caught in a raid. There are organizations that also help with these issues, and some have been featured on our website. Stay safe, be alert, and make sure you look out for your fellow immigrants.

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