ICE agents pose as NYPD to arrest long-time New Yorker after 6 a.m. Manhattan door knock

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents (ICE) posing as NYPD Police Officers, arrested a man living in New York for almost 30 years, after they obtained his information from his devastated wife, who thought she was helping the Police, and now the family patriarch is facing deportation

“This is a violation of our law,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, an ex-city police officer, about the duplicitous Thursday bust of Fernando Santos-Rodriguez. “You cannot state that you are a municipal police official. You cannot violate the law to carry out the law.”

Santos-Rodriguez’s wife declined to open the door when the agents posing as NYPD arrived.

So the agents went to the building’s super, who convinced her to let them in.

“They showed me a photo of another man, not my husband,” Maria recounted.

The ICE agents said there was a mix-up between the man in the picture and her husband, with both sharing the same name, the wife recounted.

Thinking she was speaking with NYPD officers, Maria provided the agents with Santos-Rodriguez’s cell phone number after they assured her the case could be resolved if they could see her husband’s ID. After getting information from his relatives, ICE agents arrested Santos-Rodriguez, 48, as he arrived at his morning shift as a Harlem restaurant chef.

The 30-year New Yorker with a wife and four kids is currently in ICE custody at the Hudson County Jail in Kearny, N.J. awaiting a possible deportation hearing.

The family and the advocates gathered on his behalf said the issue was an open state court case where Santos-Rodriguez was charged in an incident where he was trying to protect his family. They declined to specify the charges against him.

City Council member Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan) said he was assured by the head of the 34th Precinct that none of its officers were there and that ICE agents were not authorized to pose as city cops.

Mayor de Blasio sent a letter to ICE officials demanding an end to agents posing as NYPD officers after his office received “numerous reports” of similar operations. “Clearly stated, the NYPD does not want ICE agents stating or implying that they represent the NYPD,” the mayor wrote.

We are urging the community to be vigilant. Do not open the door until you see a warrant signed by a judge with accurate information. Also, please make sure you are connected with some organizations like African Communities Together that can assist you as quickly as possible.

Please share the information with your friends, families, and networks. Stay safe and be vigilant.