Hundreds Gather to Pray for Gambian mother killed by her son.

Hundreds of people gathered in the freezing cold temperatures on Saturday January 30, at the Islamic Cultural Center in the Bronx, to perform the obligatory Islamic ritual over the body of Fatoumata Dansoh, the 40 year old Gambian immigrant who was shot and killed by her own son.

The body of the deceased which was in a plain pine box, as per Islamic customs, arrived at the Mosque just before 3 PM, and the ritual prayers performed after the obligatory prayer. The Imam then announced that as per the wishes of the family, the body will be taken to Gambia for burial.

The body of Fatoumata Dansoh in front of the Mosque

Several community leaders were in attendance, including the Chairman of the African Advisory Council to the Bronx Borough President, Mr. Mohammed Mardah, and Famod Konneh, director of the NYC Covid 19 Test and Trace Corps.

This tragedy seemed to have struck a major nerve in the African Community in New York. The issue of family structures and setting priorities as well as mental health, has now become a topic of conversation, and we hope that this would continue, so that the community can find strategies and solutions in dealing with the youth. There are no easy answers, and it would take a collective effort by all to help in dealing with the issues. Tragically, young Musa Camara, not only lost his mother, but stands to.lose his life as well, making it a double tragedy.

Africans Help Desk extends its sincere condolences to the family of the late Ms. Dansoh, especially the six children (including her alleged killer) she left behind. This is the time the community needs to rally around the children and make sure they are can survive and thrive.

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