Free Hotel Rooms For New York City Residents

We wanted to make you aware that the City has recently made free hotel rooms available for New Yorkers -- members of the general public -- who need to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19. The program is for those with possible or confirmed COVID-19, or those who have been in contact with someone with possible or confirmed COVID-19, who cannot safely isolate from other household members. (Please note: This program is separate from the hotel program for residential care staff, run by NYCEM, which continues as before.

The hotels can accommodate children and youth under age 18, but they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. This includes children in foster care if they are accompanied by their foster parents. Once checked in, adults and families are expected to stay in their room 24/7 and guests are not allowed.

The program includes three meals a day delivered to the room (dietary needs can be accommodated), 24/7 nursing, regular wellness checks, and transportation to the hotel if needed. Suites with multiple rooms may be available for families. Support services that a family was receiving at home can continue in the hotel, depending on provider availability and willingness.

There are currently two hotels for this program, both near LaGuardia Airport. There are separate floors for isolation and quarantine. Additional hotels may be added as needed.

here are two ways to refer clients (email is the more direct route): (A doctor’s referral is not needed.)

1. Email with the name of hotel guests, DOB, and telephone number of the person staying and the agency referring.

2. Call 844-NYC-4NYC to speak to a nurse. Anyone, including the public, can call and say they need a hotel because they have or were exposed to COVID-19.

All personal information will be kept confidential.

More information can be found in this presentation by NYC Health and Hospitals. This is subject to change as the program evolves. ACS will be organizing a webinar with NYC H + H in the next few days.

Agencies providing services in the hotels will need to bring a copy of their organization’s standard indemnity policy.

Questions may be directed to Katherine Haver who can be reached at