Free Air Conditioners for New Yorkers

The City is providing free air conditioners to low-income seniors who pre-qualify based on their enrollment in City benefits programs.

The fight against the Coronavirus isn’t over. During the Summertime it is necessary for New York City to protect its most vulnerable citizens. “Seniors who are low income are suffering right now,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio in a city address. “We need to make sure they are protected against the heat ahead. The idea of GetCool NYC is to focus on those who are most vulnerable – make sure they are safe, make sure they’re kept cool.”

Vulnerable New Yorkers are already benefiting from the program. Over 4000 air conditioning units have been installed and the City plans to install a total of 74,000 for free. This is especially important now that those who are at high risk for complications from Coronavirus are mostly staying home and probably will through the heat of summer.

ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR GETCOOL? To get a free air conditioner unit installed as part of the GetCool program, low-income seniors will need to be identified by one of the following:

  • New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

  • Department for the Aging (DFTA)

  • Human Resources Administration (HRA)

  • Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)

You are eligible if you are:

  • 60 years or older

  • Do not already have an air conditioner

  • Already participate in one or more of the City benefit programs

If you have not been contacted by NYCHA, please call them at 718-707-7771 OTHER SENIORS: HERE’S HELP PAYING FOR YOUR AIR CONDITIONER, UPTO $800 There is also an Access NYC program called the Cooling Assistance Benefit. Unlike GetCool which reaches out to seniors in NYCHA housing, this is a benefit you MUST APPLY FOR and the deadline is August 30, 2020. In this program, households can receive one air conditioner or one fan with the cost not exceed $800 including installation fees.


  • Do not live in subsidized housing where heating costs are included in the rent (NYCHA, Section 8, etc)

  • Do not have a working air conditioner that is newer than 5 years

  • And the people you live with are US Citizens or have satisfactory legal status

  • Have a medical condition that gets worse with heat (verified by a doctor)

  • Receive SNAP benefits, Temporary Assistance, Code A Supplemental income, or meet specific income guidelines (see website)

You can learn more about that program and check your eligibility by visiting Please share the information with your friends, families, and network. Let us know your thoughts by sending us an email to Twe


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