Do you owe a lot in rent? Evictions suspended in New York

As you may have read from our website, all eviction proceedings and filings had been suspended until June 20, 2020, after which landlords could file new cases by mail. That is still the case, as landlords may file eviction papers with the courts. But, as of now, NO TENANT MAY BE EVICTED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. That means even if your landlord has filed eviction papers to evict you, he cannot. All pending eviction orders are suspended by court order.

If your landlord serves you with court papers for a housing court, you do not need to go to the courthouse to to respond in person. The papers the landlord served you must also include information on how you can respond to the petition by phone.

You must also be aware that your landlord cannot evict you without going to court and getting an order from a judge. If you receive a Notice of Eviction, call 311 and ask to be connected to the Tenant Helpline for assistance.

Finally, until further notice, New York City Housing Court is not scheduling any conferences or hearings in pending eviction cases unless the tenant is represented by a lawyer. All evictions cases in which a tenant is not represented by legal counsel, are stayed for the time being.

As of now, the New York City HRA is ready to receive applications for emergency rental assistance for those in need. Go to Access HRA to submit your application for emergency rental assistance as well as other benefits.

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