COVID-19-Related Employment

COVID-19-Related Employment During the COVID-19 pandemic, many New Yorkers have lost their income as a result of diminished or vanquished wages, business closures, and lost labor. Though economic reversal will take time, it is important to note that the pandemic has created a number of professional opportunities worth exploring across the private and public sectors. Below is a list of potential sources of employment to help anyone in search of work during this time.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Employment Opportunities in NYCNYC is seeking Contact Tracers and Supervisory Contact Tracers to perform COVID-19 case interviews and contact tracing. Contact tracers will investigate cases, trace contacts, monitor contacts, and manage all case data and inquiries. Applications are now being accepted to fill these important roles immediately. The City's goal is to hire 2,500 people in these positions by June. It's important that Contact Tracers represent our communities, particularly our hardest-hit neighborhoods. Please share these jobs within your community networks. If you’re interested in learning more about these roles and/or sharing these roles with your community, please find the posted jobs at: COVID-19 JOBS Supervising Public Health Advisor Public Health Advisor I (Contact Tracer) Public Health Advisor II (Contact Tracer) Contact Tracing Training The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health launched a free online course to train contact tracers. This course is part of New York's large-scale effort to build an army of contact tracers. If you are interested in becoming part of New York's contract tracing efforts, learn more 

DOHMH Job PostingsThe NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is currently hiring for the following position(s)
  • Data Analyst, Bureau of Mental Health (BMH) (Job ID #434814)

  • Data Analyst, Bureau of Mental Health (BMH) (Job ID #434833)

  • Data System Manager, Bureau of Mental Health (BMH) (Job ID #435162)

  • Nursing Supervisor, Bureau of Sexually Transmitted Infections (BSTI) (Job ID #426423)

  • Program Analyst, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Race to Justice (Job ID #430249)

  • Program Analytics and Reporting Lead, Bureau of Mental Health (BMH) (Job ID #434841)

  • Research Analyst, Bureau of Mental Health (BMH) (Job ID #434827)

  • Research Analyst, Bureau of Mental Health (BMH) (Job ID #434865)

Those who are interested and qualify are encouraged to apply online by going to and entering the job ID number.External Employment OpportunitiesFederal Hiring for Responding to COVID-19 Companies Hiring During COVID-19 How to Search for a Job in the Age of COVID-19 NYC Small Business Service: Guidance for Jobseekers Impacted Due to COVID-19 New York City Employment and Training Coalition: COVID-19 Updates & Resources Work Search During the COVID-19 Pandemic