Catholic Charities of New York - A hidden gem for Immigrant

If you are an immigrant living in New York City, whether you are documented

or undocumented, if you are struggling to meet your daily basic needs, such as paying your bills, providing food for your family, or even healthcare, Catholic Charities is one of organization that you should know. Sadly, a lot of people in our community have no idea about this organization, perhaps rightly or wrongly, perceiving that they only cater to Catholics. That is definitely a wrong perception.

Catholic Charities provide a myriad of services such as Protecting families, feeding the hungry and homeless, welcoming and helping integrate immigrants and refugees, and also financial assistance. They also provide job training as well as legal services to anyone who qualifies.

According to one of the Executive Directors of the organization, "We see it every day; folks tapped out with nowhere else to turn. Thanks to the generosity of donors along with public and private sources, we provide financial assistance to stabilize families in crisis".

At Abrokyire Nsem, we know that there is a great need in our immigrant communities, and we strive to bring you the resources that would help take care of some of those needs, and Catholic Charities is definitely one such resource.

You can reach their helpline by calling 1-888-744-7900. You can visit their website at

Please share this information with your friends and families, and tune in to radio show, as we bring one of the Executive Directors Catholic Charities to give us more information.

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