Breaking News - CDC and FDA recommend A Pause on Johnson & Jonhson Covid 19 Vaccine

U.S. federal health agencies on Tuesday will call for an immediate pause in use of Johnson & Johnson's single-dose COVID-19 vaccine after six U.S. recipients developed a rare disorder involving blood clots, the New York Times reported, citing officials briefed on the decision.

All the six recipients were women between the ages of 18 and 48. One woman died and a second woman in Nebraska has been hospitalized in critical condition, the NYT reported. (

The Food and Drug Administration, Johnson & Johnson and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not immediately respond to Reuters' requests for comment.

The move from the U.S. regulators comes less than a week after Europe's drug regulator said it was reviewing rare blood clots in four people in the United States who received the shot.

Experts are advising that if you received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and you feel short of breath, you should go to the hospital immediately.

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The F.D.A. recommends that people who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine within the past three weeks should contact their doctors if they experience severe headaches, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath. People should not be concerned about mild headaches and flu-like symptoms in the first few days after vaccination. Those are common, harmless side effects brought on by the immune system’s production of a defense against the coronavirus.

There is no need to panic. This is just a precautionary measure.

We would continue to provide updates as they become available.