Black Man arrested with IV Pole in front of Hospital.

A young African American man was arrested and actually taken to jail for allegedly attempting to steal an Intravenous pole that was hooked up to his arm.

According to him, he was a patient and stepped outside for a minute. He was then accosted initially by a security guard who called the Police and arrested him.

Is this a clear cut racist action by the Police? The million dollar question on everyone's mind is why didn't the Police go into the hospital to find out if he was truly a patient? Another question is, would he be arrested if he was white?

Racism is real in these United States, and everyday we see the unequal treatment of blacks. These things happen not only to Blacks born in America, but immigrants as well. The difference is that most immigrants choose to remain silent and not pursue justice. After all, law enforcement will see your color first, before they know where you come from, after they have engaged with you. So for those who think that blacks are just being too aggressive with Police, or they just need to be compliant, this video is absolute proof that even when you are sick, with an IV Pole hanging on your arm, you are still seen as a criminal. And until such perceptions change, racism will continue to persist.

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