Best Sex Ever or Best immigration officer Ever

"The text message" from another man thanking for the “best sex ever,” on a wife phone who was with her husband at immigration office sicking for a Green card for her husband. prosecutors says.

An African man from Liberal Prince M. Boley, got married to a U.S. citizen, went with his wife to immigration office for a green card and backfired. An agent in Rhode Island viewing the phone of the woman claiming to be his wife saw an incoming text message reads “best sex ever” from another man called Chriss thanking her for a "best sex ever". According to the prosecutors.

The text message sparked an investigation on both of them. The authorities started questioning their marriage.

The woman was granted immunity in exchange for testifying against her husband -- then “admitted to the agent that having had sex with him or leaved with him,” the office said. But unfortunately for the man, because he have already create a paper trail that shows, he resided with her. such as having some of his mail sent to her address.

Prince M. Boley's (husband) bid to get a green card failed after his marriage to a U.S. citizen turned out to be a sham, prosecutor. And was fined 250.0000 with five to seven years joail time.

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