Africa Rise - International Concert to Support Health Care on the Continent. Register Now

We all know that the Covid 19 Pandemic really exposed a lot of the inadequacies of health care in Africa, especially in the rural areas. There are areas where there are no doctors, let alone medical facilities. And if there is, oftentimes they lack supplies for even the basic of treatments.

The United African Congress (UAC) and Give Them A Hand Foundation, as well as several other NGOs, is collaborating to make a difference in this area, and they have teamed up with one of the biggest media companies in the world, VIACOMMCBS, and BET to broadcast this amazing International Concert to raise funds for this great cause.

Perhaps the biggest artist on the planet right now, Master KG, with his chart topping "Jerusalema", is leading the amazing group of artists currently committed to the well as several other artists, including one of Bob Marley's children.

Make sure you mark your calendars for this amazing event, that will be broadcast worldwide, and don't forget to make a contribution to this great cause. There are several artists coming on board, and the website will be updated as they commit.

Please share the flyer with your network, and make sure you support by making a donation.

See you on the 16th of January, but please register now, before the concert is SOLD OUT.