$300 Payment to start next week for New Yorkers, NYDOL says.

The New York State Department of Labor announced today that the $300.00 additional payments for lost wages will begin next week. They also announced that up to 2.4 Million New Yorkers may be eligible.

The New York State Commissioner of Labor Roberto Reardan said, "We are emailing all New Yorkers who are receiving benefits to inform them of their status and, if needed, provide information about certifying for the Lost Wages Assistance Program.".

The Federal Emergency Management Agency released funding for the first three weeks of benefits to New York State, which will cover benefit weeks end Aug. 2, Aug. 9 and Aug. 16.

To qualify for the extra $300, you must have indicated in your initial unemployment filing that you lost your job due to Covid 19.

There are around 435,000 people who need to submit additional certification. This will help confirm that their unemployment is related to the pandemic, which is what is needed to qualify for the extra benefits.

Those who need to submit additional certification:

  • Can certify starting Friday, Sept. 11 either online or via phone

  • If doing online, claimants will receive a secure DocuSign email from the Department of Labor with a link to certify for the extra benefits

  • If calling, claimants can call 833-491-0632 to certify through an automated system

  • These individuals will receive payments starting the next week if their certification is submitted by 5 p.m. on Sept. 15

  • After that Sept. 15 date, payments will be released on a rolling basis

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