The Funeral that let people still talking " "the late Nana Osei Tumtuo" (a.k.a. Mr.

Ghanaian's of the Diaspora "USA" witness the humongous final funeral event ever which let the community still talking. The late Nana Osei Tumtuo a.k.a Mr. White passed away September 30th 2017 in New York and his funeral was held in the Bronx NY where he have leaved most in USA.

Mr. White was a family man and has brought all his children with him here in USA.

Nana Osei Tumtuo was among the first Africans who immigrated to Bronx New York.

According to the community, his life was a blessing to many Ghanaians and Africans who moved to Bronx on his eras. He become a community activities and was every known among Ghanaian

video of the funeral

The Elderly son Kofi Nytakyia-