"Women" it has gone this far, "marry me please!" No jokers...

This zambians lady (Cate Gachara ) 27 years old is not wasting no time. Taking the matters of her heart to the public . Since things don't use to be the way it was many years ago. when our grand mother's always know who they will be married to before they turned adults. Record has shown that most men, either not interested in getting married or they are shortages of them. 

So this generation, women have to go or work extra hard to find a man that will love  and marry them. By the grace of technology, the search for a husband regardless where you are on planet earth have be easy. All what it takes is to seat your ass behind the computer and you will have  access to as many as possible. Which this modernization girls are taking advantage of, turning into the Internet ; social media, dating programs etc..  But this is not the case with lady Cate, she decided to wave her search for a man  on the  street of Zambian. Holding a sign high up on a busy road reads, "Marry me please!" With details info of her  together with some pictures. 

Her preference, looking for white only , no black or other men are welcome, she is not joke .

 I am not sure if she is in the right place for her search for a white man. Because her back ground  shows a lot of black people.  

 Anyway, since the world now believe in same sex marriage, they would be a shortage of men. Well Good luck!