Abrokyire Nsem Media (Diaspora Dialogues)

A Multi-Faceted Media Company

Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube T.V., Instagram, and Whats Up


Mission: The Mission of Abrokyire Nsem, which is an Akan Language, and literally translates into Diaspora Dialogues, is to create a media platform to disseminate information, provide resources for the continued development of the African Diaspora, particularly in New York City, but generally in the entire United States of America.


Vision: Using success stories within the African Diaspora, we would create multimedia broadcasting of such success stories, as a source of inspiration to the community. The same rule will apply for the challenges that people encounter in their quest to integrate into the American society. Some of the tools we intend to use are Radio Broadcasting as well Television, and livestreaming.

As the name implies, we intend to open dialogues with city agencies as well institutions that provide services to New Yorkers, especially immigrants. In researching for this media platform, we found out that the African Community is really lacking knowledge about some basic services such as housing, health care, education, finance, immigration, as well civic engagement